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Coffee Solutions Limited is a global player in the roasting and exporting of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

We also provide equipment and machinery for pulperies, coffee works, coffee shops. We are leading coffee post harvesting consultants and cultivation specialists.   read more

How to make a good cup of Coffee

Roasted whole bean 1 lb Roasted and Ground 1 lb
Roasted whole bean half lb Roasted and Ground half lb
Roasted whole bean qtr lb Roasted and Ground qtr lb

Special Orders: Also in 5 Lb Beans & Grounds, Espresso and Decaffeinated)

Coffee Roasting Services: roasting and packaging of Jamaican coffee for local and export markets.

Cultivation & Post-harvest: guidance on the growing and reaping of coffee plants.

Machinery and Tools: installation and maintenance of coffee processing and coffee shop machinery

Cup Testing: we provide testing and grading of coffee for export
History of Jamaican Coffee
In 1728 coffee introduced into Jamaica it proved to be a product
of very high quality and is rated the best world wide.
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